The original #100days


1- Two reasons to be happy today. 1 – My amazing mum is home just 36 hours after having a hip replacement. And 2 – I have had an amazing night with my best girls for Charlee’s 30th birthday.

2- Tried on my awesome bridesmaid dress and it’s perfect (and fits!). So excited for 2 weeks time.

3- Received a very spontaneous message of love from a very special friend. If you love someone, let them know. It might just brighten their day xxx

4- Woke up to the best news that a beautiful baby boy arrived in the world xxx

5- Vegas 2015 is closer to being ON!

6- The simple things… I have no roots!

7- Enjoying drinks and fun times with my amazeballs team xxx

8- Lovely hangover lunch at Ed’s today

9- Doing something nice for someone else makes you feel the best sometimes xxx

10- Although they didn’t win the league, they came the closest I’ve ever known and for that I’m proud

11- Met Rylan Clarke today for work, what a doll! Such a lovely guy, makes me realise that sometimes famous people work hard and deserve the reward x

12- Finishing work ahead of a certain little soiree that is happening on Saturday! Woo hoo!

13- Sharing in a very special moment with a very special person today xxxx

14- Lovely dinner at The Shard tonight with my lovely girls (minus 2) xxxx

15- A gift box from the bride ahead of a special day tomorrow xxxx

16- Such a special day watching my best girl marrying her lovely husband. Love you both to the moon and back, my special friends xxx

17- Feeling blessed to have so many people care about me with lovely messages this weekend. Thank you, it means the world xxx

18- Drunken night with Miss Laurian. 3am on a Monday….

19- Lovely evening seeing Bodyguard the Musical

20- Realising you still have 20 days of annual leave to take even after booked holidays. Where to go next?!

21- Had a nice few drinks with my lovely colleagues after work (although not for a happy reason!) x

22- Great night at the Arctics with dear friends. Many lols were had!

23- Laughed hard tonight at The 99 Club in Leicester Square. Two very funny comics who I am sure we will see more of!

24- An amazing fondant fancy at Stop The World with my bezzie and then a spontaneous and hilarious night out to celebrate Hattie’s 21st!

25- Just had a day for me which was long overdue!

26- Saw the lovely Kylie and the cutest little Xander! Baby cuddles are the best!

27- Having a very fun and very drunken evening with these two! Very fun!

28- Actually left the office at 5.30pm. It’s the little things!

29- And 30 combined! I have awesome friends. That is all!

30- As above

31- Lovely little Sunday roast today x

32- Back to body pump at last, made me feel good! Ibiza bikini body, here I come!

33- Lovely little night out in Covent Garden in good company

34- It’s rest day on the squat and abs challenge today! Happy days!

35- My insane whatsapp convos with a certain Miss Loz literally have me laughing out loud!

36- Can of cider, music and dancing around the kitchen with my mum, dad and brother. Crazy family!

37- Fabbo day celebrating my Joey Lev’s 30th birthday! Love my girls x

38- Sunday’s sunshine made everyone smile.

39- Had a great old birthday celebration with the fam for my brother’s birthday.

40- Won twice at bowling tonight! Boom!

41- Glad to have my best one back. Wine, wagas, gossip and a pep talk from the one and only Camilla. Mwah xx

42- Had a fun time being wined and dined in Edinburgh!

43- Not having to set the alarm!

44- Had the most amazing massage to sort out my headache

45- Had a silly 5 minutes with my brother today which ended in uncontrollable giggles. Happy days.

46- Looking through the diary and there’s lots to look forward to in the next few months! Excited!

47- Getting my nails did makes me happy!

48- Had the best steak ever and a bottle of bolly tonight x

49- So England lost. Bad times. But I did receive these beauties (flowers) at work today so all is good.

50- Chinese takeaway and gossip with my Eddie and her husband (ooooohhhh!)

51- Had a lovely day all to myself and saw Danny Dyer in the flesh!

52- Lovely day seeing my girls today xx

53- Been on a great course for work

54- Watching Gavin and Stacey from the beginning with my brother.

55- Lovely day in Brighton

56- Free flowing champagne at the work summer party

57- Spent time with one of my oldest and dearest friends

58- Perved over Channing Tatum at the cinema with the best one AND Booked my flights to Hong Kong!

59- Ran 5k with my best one for a fab cause. Feels good to do things for charity x

60- Most yummy dinner at the Pipe of Port

61- Lovely evening with some lovely ladies this evening. Friends are the bestest.

62- Bought to you courtesy of Jo Levitas. Thanks for getting the Kasabian tickets today. Kasabian friends! Oooooshhhh!

63- Woke up to exciting news of a good friends engagement! Always lovely. Plus a few drinks with my faves tonight.

64- Little bit of Wireless festival in the sunshine with the best one today!

65- Love living in a digital age where you can keep in touch with someone who is thousands of miles away!

66- Had a lovely me day today. Lie in, tidy up, Grand Prix, gym, cooked dinner and pampered my face!

67- Although I really wish it didn’t exist, all of the media coverage regarding sexual abuse is letting victims know they are not alone and given them the courage to speak out. That makes me happy.

68- Had a visit from the lovely Kylie and the gorgeous little Xander today. Cute baby cuddles, nothing beats it!

69- This time in 7 days I’ll be in Ibiza baby with the bestest! Literally cannot come quick enough xx

70- Feel lucky that people rate my cake skills enough to request very special cakes from me.

71- Kisstory on, baking cakes, second glass of vino on the go and one of my faves has just landed back in the UK. Life is gooooood! X

72- Celebrated a very special little girl’s second birthday

73- Celebrated all the great people that work at intu Lakeside tonight at the staff awards!

74- A great feeling to be there for friends when they need to talk/advice/pep talks xxx

75- Beautiful evening for Bastille Somerset House with one of my absolute faves xx

76- Leaving Essex bound for Ibiza with the best one

77- Getting a call to say that my toiletries had been handed in at Southend airport

78- Raving to Tinie Tempah at the Hard Rock Hotel, Ibiza

79- Spending the day on the beach

80- Lovely day mooching around London

81- Having a cider this evening whilst chilling. Life is good!

82- Finally did my expenses which date back to April. Feels good ticking it off of the to do list!

83- Love that I live this close to London town. Another lovely evening.

84- Fab night out with my lovely team at the BEST bar ever!!!

85- Short lived but fun night out with Trottski who clearly knows better than I do that it’s time to pack me off home!

86- Celebrating the beautiful Laura’s 30th birthday with my bestests xxx

87- My beaut new wall graphic is up at last. Love it so much! Xx

88- Reading a complaint at work from a Ms Patch, the vegetarian!!! Literally made my day!!

89- Lucky to see the commonwealth games today

90- Treated myself to my fave perfume in Duty Free today

91- Had a lovely evening of wine and curry with my husband and wife – my faves together. Special night xxx

92- Had a great evening full of lols with my lovely, lovely friends. So lucky to have such fab girls in my life.

93- Two moments of happiness today. The beginning of a new life chapter and a spontaneous Dalston night out.

94- Made a delicious cake and sat in the sun with my mum.

95- Overwhelmed by the stunning poppy installation at work. We will remember them.

96- I think I put a smile on a friends face today which makes me very happy.

97- Yummy tapas in the sun then saw the new Inbetweeners film. Hilarious!

98- Delivered one birthday cake and finished decorating another tonight. And celebrated the mumma’s birthday!

99- Lovely afternoon tea with my girls followed by spontaneous Leigh drinks and casino night.

100 – Didn’t feel like this day would ever come (I know lots of you probably agree!) but my happiness today is that this ‘project’ has been really eye opening. Even when you think you’ve had the worst day, there’s always one thing that made you happy, regardless of how small. So it only remains to apologise to you all for filling your timelines with my #100daysofhappiness but I’ve loved every minute! X


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