The home straight of happiness… 

I’ve not written about my #100daysofhappiness since Day 56.  I’m now on the home straight of the 100 days (today is day 94) so thought now would be a good time to break my silence on the happy days. 

Day 57 – special memories made tonight in Liverpool with one of my bestests xxx
Day 58 – walk on the beach, shop at Cheshire Oaks followed by curry and wine. Perfect!!
Day 59 – love doing something nice for something when it’s unexpected
Day 60 – After 20 years, I finally got the photo…
Day 61 – afternoon tea booked with my bestest, can’t wait for next week now xx
Day 62 – excited as today felt like spring is on its way! Woo!
Day 63 – out of the blue phone call from a lovely friend made my day!
Day 64 – really fun work night out
Day 65 – surviving work with a rather bad hangover thanks to Pizza Hut Express and a Reese’s Krispy Kreme
Day 66 – a year ago today my life changed completely.  The last 12 months have been a roller coaster but have been incredible at times.  Happy today because of my wonderful family, friends and everything I’ve experienced since that day xxx
Day 67 – V line up announced.  Can. NOT. WAIT.
Day 68 – enjoyed a little bit of baking
Day 69 – had a fab ‘Christmas’ day out with the best one.  Afternoon tea, shoe purchasing and then a few drinks with a new friend! Great day! X
Day 70 – so happy that I created a beaut cake for a friend! No pics yet until it’s been given to the recipient.
Day 71 – evening of bubbles and lols with some of the best ones.  And my shoes were christened!
Day 72 – so happy that my 100 days have inspired Jo to do the same.  There you go, you finally got your own day!!
Day 73 – did a decent 5km run in the sunshine.  Happy days!
Day 74 – Sam Smith and John Legend.  Just amazing.  If you haven’t heard their Comic Relief single then get it in your life!!
Day 75 – picked up my spring coat from the dry cleaners.  Winter coat will soon be banished!! And while looking for something else I found this pic of me and a special girl x
Day 76 – so thankful to be in my bed with fresh sheets
Day 77 – so much love for my best one Flamingo Monroe for speaking up about thyroid issues.  What an inspiration.  Proud is not the word! Check it out
Day 78 – amazing fashion shows at work always make me happy!!!
Day 79 – fab night at Mangetout, highly recommend!
Day 80 – don’t know how, but managed to avoid a hangover!
Day 81 – found a way to laugh off a very ‘cringe’ situation
Day 82 – another happy cake delivery today, my very first Tiffany box cake! Bad picture. And I FINALLY got my eyebrows done!
Day 83 – a tough one today.  5am start, not a very nice experience in a meeting, looked at Christmas grottos, train delayed on the way home AND got a parking ticket.  BUT still smiling thanks to my gals and Thai noodles with fishcake dinner!
Day 84 – lovely wagas with my amazing friend Camilla.
Day 85 – today was apparently #InternationalDayOfHappiness – I am not so sure.  All I can say is thank god for my amazing friends and the strength I have learned throughout my life.
Day 86 – yes, the day is not over yet, but there is only one thing to say today.  I am so thankful that in my life I’ve learned when it’s time to step up and do the right thing.  Honesty is always, always the best policy.
Day 87 – finally, Mr Grey was ready to see me tonight. He was worth the wait!
Day 88 – feeling motivated in all aspects of life today
Day 89 – only one more sleep until I get to see the incredible Sam Smith! Excited is not even the word.
Day 90 – Sam Smith took my breath away tonight.  Incredible talent, what a voice!
Day 91 – lovely catch up with Mrs Hills tonight!
Day 92 – had a visit from a couple of dear friends at work and a fab night out in Covent Garden.  I do love that place!
Day 93 – had a fabulous night with the girls last night (including FaceTime with Vic in HK) after having the most chilled out day!
Rewriting just these 36 days has made me realise how quickly life can change sometimes for the better and sometimes not.
1. I looked back at how much my life has changed in the 12 months since Mr Long Term and I parted company
2. Two of my closest friends have told me they are expecting babies later this year
3. Mr (not so) Perfect’s deceit and lies were uncovered and realised by his wife
4. I heard about a friend’s plans to travel the world next year
Life changing situations for all those involved.
All I want to say is that life is short, you don’t know when or how things will change but they inevitably will.  So live life to the full, chase after your wishes, hopes and dreams, be honest, be kind and above all do what makes you happy.
Katie xx

Catching up on happiness…

It’s been a while since I updated you all on my #100daysofhappiness so thought I’d let you all know my smile moments from the last few weeks…

Day 24 – I know some people don’t believe in fate but I definitely do and love when little things happen to prove to me I am right to believe

Day 25 – Really enjoyed doing something nice for everyone at work #BrewMonday

Day 26 – Nice little eve watching the football with the fam

Day 27 – I know some people hate it but knowing that my 100 days brings happiness to some other people as well as myself

Day 28 – Being the person that someone turns to when they need something sparkly to wear #QueenOfSparkle

Day 29 – Sam Smith tickets finally on way to be reunited with their rightful owner (me!)

Day 30 – Absolutely amazing cake course today. Created this beauty…


Day 31 – Had a lovely day with my family celebrating my Nan’s 83rd birthday. Love.

Day 32 – A good day! The tickets arrived in one piece, I booked train tickets to visit a special someone in Liverpool and have also booked the Anfield Stadium tour after almost 20 years!

Day 33 – had some good feedback today which shows that hard work does pay off

Day 34 – Glad that my 100 days are having a positive effect on others!

Day 35 – Productive planning day followed by a lovely dinner at The Bell

Day 36 – Lovely wine, wagas and Jessie Ware with the best one!

Day 37 – Jack Whitehall’s sketch about why the Lion King is NOT just a kids film… Ha ha!!!

Day 38 – Feeling really positive today! Acknowledgment from someone special that each day I am taking a step in the right direction! Also an unexpected act of kindness from someone made me smile xx

Day 39 – Love that Camilla can put up with my cray-ness about outfits #crazymoron but she still loves me

Day 40 – Nice few drinks tonight

Day 41 – Happy with how lessons in life can change your feelings and actions for the better!

Day 42 – Massage and nails booked for Saturday morning!

Reading back over these last few weeks has again made me smile. I think that the above reasons for happiness really show my true colours as a person and about what makes me tick…. Friends, family, happy work life, music, football, cakes and pampering. Almost all the things I love the most in life!

I think the days of happiness also show that it’s not always material things that make you happy. Yes, buying shoes, handbags and clothes makes me happy. Yes, holidays make me happy but there are also lots of things that money can’t buy which make me the happiest.

One particular thing I’ve discovered this week is the kindness of others. On day 38 I mention about an act of kindness that made me smile. A really old friend of mine has recently left Essex for the great city of Liverpool. During the period where we were both single we partied together and she introduced me to some of her other friends. It was those girls that made me smile on day 38. We’ve not seen each other since that night out really and then, knowing that I have been through a tough time, they messaged to invite me over for dinner to catch up. It’s a really small thing but honestly, I just thought it was so kind of them and I am sure they don’t realise how touched I was.

The other act of kindness was in repayment to something nice that I did. There’s a guy in my office, really laid back kind of guy. Nothing ever bothers him, everything is water off a duck’s back to him. He never gets down, never gets annoyed, never lets anything get to him. I was standing at the printer and heard him sigh which is unusual so I asked him if he was OK. Turns out that something had annoyed him so he ranted and I listened. I didn’t really think anything of it at the time to be honest.

Then later he was sorting his cupboard out and there was a bottle of Veuve Clicquot in there, I mentioned in jest that I was eyeing it up as it was my favourite champagne. He then walked over and gave it to me. He said ‘You have it. You are the only person today that’s asked if I am alright, no other f*cker has’. I was taken aback that obviously something I felt was nothing actually made a difference to him.

So don’t ever underestimate being kind to someone. It’s not about being over the top and super friendly all day every day. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference.

Keep smiling

Katie xx

Music to my ears…

I promised I would blog some more about my happy things and nothing makes me happier than music. I love music. REALLY love music! I love listening to music (rather than watching TV), love going to listen to live music and even like playing it.

I am so lucky to have seen many incredible artists live. It’s one of my most favourite things to do, always has been. From The Killers to Katy Perry, Bastille to Britney Spears, Rod Stewart to The Rifles…. You will see I have a very eclectic taste in music. But really, I just love to listen to it all live, no matter who it is.

I’ve also created lots of very special memories at gigs and festivals. Bonding with my family, just the four of us, at The Roundhouse watching The Twang. Pulled my Killers tickets out ready for the gig the next night only realising I should have been at the O2 right then (luckily I got some production seat tickets last minute). Having Tinie Tempah pop up at the back of the crowd, just where I was standing (see pic below). I saw a guy propose to his girlfriend at a Kings Of Leon gig (this spurred a drunk Mr Long Term to say that if Oasis ever reform, he would propose… awkward). 30 year old me realised I may still ‘have it’ when I snogged a 24 year old at an Arctic Monkeys gig and then meeting Mr (Not So) Perfect watching The Enemy (how apt) in Camden. There are so many more but really, you would get very bored.

Musicians, songwriters and bands never cease to amaze me. They write a song and/or perform it and I don’t know if they always realise how much of an impact it has on people in that very moment. Those thousands of people are there to watch and listen to them. What a feeling, I can’t imagine.

What I love the most though is the way that a song can immediately take you back to a moment in your life like it happened yesterday, reminding you of a person, a place, a special occasion. Amazing.

Think about people’s first dances, every time they hear it they must be taken straight back to that very moment in their life, like being transported. You can remember the feeling, the smell, how things looked. Every one of the senses alive and all because of a song.

I wonder if songwriters know how many people in the world have or will experience that exact feeling or emotion that they have just written about? As you all know by now, I love a quote. But I am also a fan of lyrics! That’s why when Mr Not So Perfect told me in the beginning that the words of a song summed up what he felt about me I was smitten…. Cue Latch (Acoustic) by Sam Smith.

I’m so encaptured, got me wrapped up in your touch.
Feel so enamoured, hold me tight within your clutch.
How do you do it? You got me losing every breath.
What did you give me to make my heart beat out my chest?’

Then after everything that happened I found it too painful to listen to that song, in fact, the whole album. Trouble was I’d bought some tickets as a birthday present for Mr Not So Perfect and me to go and see him live later this year. I said I didn’t want them (because in truth I thought I would stand there sobbing my heart out.)

BUT last week, iPhone on shuffle, and on come Latch. And guess what? I didn’t cry. Yes it reminded me of him but I was fine. I sang along, thinking about how talented this guy is and then I decided I wanted the tickets back. As if HE deserves to get the privilege of seeing Mr Smith live and I don’t!!!

Later, whilst still on shuffle, on came the Queen, Beyoncé. Best Thing I Never Had. And that’s when I realised I am going to be ok….

‘Thank God you blew it
I thank God I dodged a bullet
I’m so over you
So baby good lookin’ out

I wanted you bad
I’m so through with that
‘Cause honestly you turned out to be the best thing I never had
You turned out to be the best thing I never had
And I’m gonna always be the best thing you never had
Oh yeah, I bet it sucks to be you right now’

And because I felt unbeatable, I asked for the tickets back (a bit cringe, I know). I don’t want to miss adding Sam Smith to the list of legends I have seen live and now I know I can go without shedding a tear, that makes me very happy. I’m annoyed that I let a douchebag almost take away something that I feel so passionate about, he nearly made me stop listening to an awesome record and that my friends, is not cool.

To quote one more lyric…. Don’t worry, Be happy.

Love Katie xx