30-odd years on earth have taught me… 

I was inspired to write this after reading another blogger’s post. Check hers out here

1 – Hard work pays off. My parents are proof. Forever grateful for the sacrifices they made to give my brother and I the best lives. 

2 – Laughing with your friends is the best. It really is.   

3 – Never keep secrets. It’s dangerous, it makes you ill and no good will ever come of it.  It’s good to talk. 

4 – Be kind, always. You don’t know what others have been through or are going through.

5 – Friendship takes work (it doesn’t just happen) but the rewards are so worth it.

6 – McDonald’s breakfast is the only cure for hangovers. Sausage & egg McMuffin, hash brown and those perfect bottles of tropicana. 

7 – British people are the only people who know how to make tea properly.

8 – True, forever love does exist. My parents and grandparents are proof of this. 40 & 63 years of marriage respectively.

9 – As does love at first sight.

10 – Red lipstick automatically makes you feel ‘party ready’.

11- Dress size doesn’t matter… Wear what makes you feel amazing.

12 – Curves are good.

13 – Sometimes you just have to accept you are not a tidy person.

14 – Forgive people for their mistakes. We all make them. 

15 – You can’t please everyone, so start with yourself and the right people will be happy. 

16 – Tequila is never a good idea. 

17 – You don’t have to fill silences. It’s taken me a while to learn this but sometimes no words need to be spoken. 

18 – Money doesn’t buy happiness. Look at the likes of Peaches Geldof and Amy Winehouse for example. 

19 – Your mum is always right.

20 – You can’t find happiness from other people. They help, but it has to begin with you. 

21 – Try new things – you never know. I didn’t know I’d love formula 1 until I saw it live. You just never know! 

22 –  Being on your own is a blessing. It helps you realise number 20 is true.

23 – Home made cakes are the best.

24 – Sometimes you just have to accept that you are bad with money. 

25 – It really is the thought that counts.

Katie xx

2 thoughts on “30-odd years on earth have taught me… 

  1. Oh Katie – you did make me laugh, especially No 13!!! John would say you could learn to be tidy and good with money, but I think learning to be happy is the best lesson in the world, so well done you. Pure oxygen and ibuprofen also works for a hangover, but I guess if you work in a shopping centre rather than a hospital you have to find your own cure!!! X

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    • I agree with John! I’m getting better too so that’s good! Pure oxygen is not easy to find in a shopping centre so I’ll have to stick to bad food for now x


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