Felicidad (That’s Spanish for happiness!)

When I started my blog, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t being all self righteous and let’s face it, annoying. No-one wants to hear me harping on about the meaning of life and so on. With that in mind, I decided that I would use some posts as a way to share the love about things that make me happy! A bit of an education, but also therapeutic for me to write about something I feel passionately about.

We all have that place; the one place that you know you will always be a happy place. The sort of place where you have already made so many memories but you know there will be so many more, the place that you know no day will ever be the same, your second home in the world, where you feel comfortable and where literally anything goes.

My number one happy place in all the world is Puerto Pollensa. A small fishing village in the north of the beautiful island of Majorca. It’s hard to explain to people why it is amazing, and how once you visit you will also hold it dear in your heart so I won’t try, you will just have to take my word for it and see for yourself!


The beaches have white sand, the sea is turquoise blue and warm like a bath, there is a stunning backdrop of the Tramuntana mountains, the mood is laid back, friendly and you are always made to feel so welcome by the locals. Public transport is fantastic and because the island is relatively small, it gives you the opportunity to explore some of the other amazing places dotted around and if you hire a car, well, you can go anywhere!

Here are just a few of the things I would suggest doing if you are ever planning a visit to my happy place….

1 – Get the bus to Palma for a day trip

The capital has so much to offer, really something for everyone. Great architecture and art plus fabulous shopping, bars and restaurants. Don’t miss seeing the Gothic cathedral (La Seu) and the Almudaina Palace too. The bus ride will take around an hour and half so don’t forget to take a book.


2 – Soller

I can highly recommend this trip, it’s something else. Hire yourself a car and drive to Soller. There’s a lovely square where you can have a bit of Tapas and browse the quaint shops. Once you are ready, hop on the tram which takes you down to the port. It’s a beautiful ride and although technically you aren’t supposed to, at times you can reach out and grab lemons or oranges off of the trees as you pass. Once you get to the port, you can relax on the beach or perhaps enjoy a drink while taking in the views and if you prefer, you could eat in one of the restaurants here rather than in the town.


3 – Lluc

Again, you will need a car for this but it’s something very special. In the mountains sits the ancient monastery of Lluc. The monastery is a very peaceful place and is still run by monks of the Sacred Heart. In the 16th Century the boys school on the site formed a choir, The Blauvets, to sing at Mass. This choir still exists today and if you visit on a weekday, you may be lucky enough to hear them.


4 – Formentor

A beautiful secluded beach which can be reached by car, bus or boat (I suggest the boat trip). If you do decide to drive be warned – it’s VERY mountainous but you will be rewarded with the absolute best views of the island. Formentor is an exclusive area, one very expensive hotel (frequented by the rich and famous), a sandy beach and not much else so I recommend taking a picnic. If you are taking a trip by boat, you may spot Michael Douglas’ house in the mountains!


5 – People Watching

One of my favourite activities. And Puerto Pollensa is the perfect venue. I would say take a seat at the Daina Bar on the front, or at Bony’s in the square and just sit back taking it all in. You won’t believe some of the things you see!!!


If you have ever been to Puerto Pollensa you will understand its attraction and will indeed hold some of your very own memories. It’s truly a special place but you will have to see it for yourself to believe it!  I can’t wait to go back in September.

Let me know if you have visited and your favourite memories, it will feel good to reminisce!

Katie x

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