Stop Waiting For Friday….

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions yet again but I’m happy to say that there have been more high moments than low ones which is a step in the right direction!!!

Day 8 – opening your money box (yes I am 12) to discover that at some point during the year you’d put some notes in there. With those, the £2 coins and some birthday/Xmas money I’ve just paid off my trip to Rome in August!!!

Day 9 – today I ran 2 miles. I know that’s not much to some people but I am proud of myself! Just another 11 and a bit to go before June!!!

Day 10 – not having Sunday night blues as I’m not back at work until Wednesday

Day 11 – Camilla and I shared a pole with this lady tonight Click Here. All the lols!! (And 2 other happy things today… Ibiza 2015 is ON! And I booked my flight to Puerto Pollensa… My number 1 happy place in all the world!)

Day 12 – ticked off a few things from my ‘personal’ to do list. Feel like life organisation is taking a step in the right direction!

Day 13 (today) – after some ‘constructive feedback’ to the bar I went to for my birthday, I have bagged a £50 bar tab there! I get to repay my friends for being so fabulous to me lately (and always) xx

So you see, by looking at these #daysofhappiness, I’m not sure that you would be able to tell that I had my absolute lowest day on Day 10 all because of Mr (not so) Perfect. Or was it?

At the time I thought it was but each day since I have grown a little stronger and then this morning I saw another quote (sorry, but have always been a lover of a quote!!).

‘Stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for someone to fall in love with you, for life. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment you are in now.’

So this led me to wonder today. Was I really sobbing my heart out over this guy, the perfect one who I loved? The one that doesn’t actually exist. Or was I sad (and slightly panicked) because I’m back to square one, single at 31, living with my parents and wondering if I could ever love anyone else more than this man (even though he is a turbo ‘c bomb’ – thanks for that nickname Vicky – it’s gone international)? And if this was the case do I think that red eyes, dark circles, and a miserable face was going to help me achieve what I want in life? No. Of course it won’t.

I can’t wait for everything I’d like in life to fall into my lap, I’ll have to make an effort to go and find it and work hard to get it. Career, property, holidays, a man, a family… The list goes on. I’m not going to get served it on a plate and why should I?

I’ve always worked hard at every job I’ve had (and there have been many). Really bloody hard, and that seems to have paid off so far. Now I have an amazing job, which I love but it’s not something that was gifted to me. I worked so hard and made sacrifices in life to get here. Thankfully, there are some very lovely people (some still on this earth, and sadly one not) who saw the desire, recognised an ounce of potential within me and collectively they took a chance on me. I don’t think I’ve let them down!

So if I can put that same passion and desire that convinced those people to take a chance on me into my life, into meeting new people, making new friends and learning new things perhaps the outcome will be the same eventually? Today I feel confident about that.

Katie xx

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