The first 7 days of the next chapter…

A tweet caught my eye this week…. ‘Happiness is contagious. When you’re positive, people are naturally drawn to you.’ How true is this? Very.

In the past I have gone out of my way to avoid those ‘drains’ who suck happiness out of you because they are constantly unhappy. Don’t get me wrong, I really try to be there for someone who is having a difficult time. Lend an ear, give a hug, put the world to rights, get drunk and anything else I can do to try and take the pain away BUT when someone is constantly a misog, you find it can start to affect you too.

I do not want to be that person. I DO NOT WANT TO BE THAT PERSON!!!! So a week ago, I decided it was time to bring back #100daysofhappiness and here’s what’s happened.

Day 1 – Spent the day with my beautiful family and special friends. Lucky to have them in my life. Happy Boxing Day!

Day 2 – Whilst sitting around in PJs all day a very good friend and I came up with a plan. I’m going to blog my days of happiness if people want to read in more detail. Link coming soon xx

Day 3 – Delivered some pressies to some lovely kiddies in my life AND my blog is LIVE!!!

Day 4 – Nice little evening at the pub with 2 of my best girls watching my team win 4-1 xx

Day 5 – Lovely evening with my sister from another mister and her beaut kiddies xx

Day 6 – Seeing in new year with some of the best people in my life xxxx happy new year everyone xxx

Day 7 – I have 2 things today. Firstly, have had a lovely day strolling through London. Love that city. Secondly, although incredibly sad about Stevie G I’m proud that he was a red and lucky I got to see him play.

My #100daysofhappiness have not always come easily this week. I have had to post a couple with my vision blurred by ‘watery eyes’ but I was determined to see the good somehow. Christmas and New Year is always an emotional time for lots of people and I am no different, especially at New Year, but I am very lucky that I have lots of bloody brilliant people in my life who keep me smiling (I was going to say sane….but no….ha ha!).

I have an amazing family and I have a fabulous circle of friends. Longest serving ‘sister’ since I was 4 years old, my school friends and I celebrate our 20th anniversary this year (eeek!) and I have some other very dear friends who have been around for at least a decade. They’ve really been something else lately and through their actions have reassured me that there are still wonderful, honest and loyal people out there.

Day 7 we had a breakthrough! Even though New Year’s Day could have seen me sobbing into my bacon sandwich (usually New Year + hangover + not much sleep = a totes emosh Katie), today I didn’t have to force a smile, it came naturally. Yippee!!

I do believe this is down, in part, to #100daysofhappiness (and maybe a little bit because of the talks about girls holiday, trips to weddings in Rome and new challenges in the shape of a half marathon)

Wishing you all a fabulous 2015. I hope that it brings you many smiles and happy memories xxx

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