100 Happy Days….

After Mr Long Term decided I was not the one for him I obviously spent some time crying, getting really drunk, crying some more… you know how it is.

I had a great distraction though in the form of one very special girl’s hen weekend in Paris. It gave me some focus in life and a weekend with the girls was just what I needed. Afterwards, on the whole I was feeling good but sometimes I felt down so decided to embark on a new challenge.

Facebook had been populated with people’s #100daysofhappiness so I too decided to declare my happy moments to my 180 odd Facebook friends each day. I thought that people would get bored or annoyed with my constant updates but it appears that it was actually incredibly popular with friends stating….

‘I’ve loved it. You have definitely proven that even on a down day it is always important and possible to find a reason to smile and/or be positive. You go girl. Love you xxx’

‘I’ll miss it. Too many people use their status updates just to moan and be negative. What a 100 days you have had too!’

And others stating how much they will miss my positive updates each day.

Now, after my discovery of Mr (not so) Perfect’s lies and fake life, I have been struggling to remain positive so have decided to bring you another #100daysofhappiness. I really believe that being happy makes you a better person to be around so I owe it to myself and my friends to do this again.

For those who aren’t on my Facebook (or those that just loved it so much they want to read it again – ha ha!) my original #100daysofhappiness are here. For those just interested in my next 100 days (in slightly more detail), sign up to follow the blog.

100 days coming very soon to Hakuna Matata For Life!

Lots of Love
Katie xx

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